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Don't Miss Out on Our Breathtaking Sunsets!





$400 - $2,000 range

(see below for more pricing details)

1 to 5 guests

Available Dates:

No remaining dates for 2019

If you are looking for the ultimate experience (just short of an overnight stay) at White Shoal Light, this is the trip for you!

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Like our VIP DAY-TOUR, this trip is 100% customizable based on your group's preferences.  The SUNSET VIP TOUR is a 12-hour adventure!


Here is an example of your trip:

1. Your group will rendezvous at the Wilderness State Park boat launch West of Mackinaw City at 11:30am.

2. Gear will be loaded and our boat will set sail around NOON.

3. Now the adventure begins!…and it is 100% CUSTOMIZABLE based on what your group wants to see and/or do! Guests will sail out along the uninhabited island chain of Wilderness Point while being treated to the history and local lore of the area. You will then sail up very close to the abandoned Waugoshance Light Station for photo opportunities.


4. At this point, your group can decide to sail directly to White Shoal Light and spend the remainder of the day at the light station OR you can opt to partake in one or two side adventures. Side adventures include but are not limited to:

- Sail to Grays Reef to catch a freighter passing through the narrow channel, inspect the Light Station and take photos (the interior of Grays Reef is closed to the pubic at this time).


- Sail 2 miles West of White Shoal Light and anchor over the 1860 shipwreck CIRCASSIAN in approximately 8 feet of water for a snorkeling/swimming opportunity! This is a very unique experience where White Shoal actually comes to within 1-2 feet of the surface of the water (nearly 2 miles from the light station). Some years, there is actually a single boulder that breaks the surface in this location….so you can stand nearly out of the water at this one spot in a very remote location in the Straits of Mackinac….its spooky, but so cool!

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- Sail to Grays Reef and anchor over the newly-discovered shipwreck of the WALRUS for a snorkeling opportunity.

- Take a trip to the remote HAT ISLAND for a visit.

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5. After side adventures, your group will ultimately end up on White Shoal Light around 5 PM and have free reign of the light station until dark! (there will be a staff member at the station at all times to run our vital systems, but there will be no other groups there during your stay).

7. A barbecue will be served on the crib deck around 6 PM. Your group will be free to explore the structure, hang out on the parapet, photograph passing freighters, and most importantly, witness an amazing sunset (if weather permits of course).

8. Finally, you will re-board our boat and sail 13 miles back in near darkness while taking in the lights of the Mackinac Bridge in the distance and possibly some stars. Guests will return to Wilderness State Park around 11 PM to complete the day!


$400 - $2,000 range

1 to 5 guests

As for pricing, these trips will require a $2,000 donation to White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society. This is the price PER BOAT-LOAD and is the same regardless of whether 1 person or 5 people attend. The price per person works out to be $400 for the entire day's adventure at maximum boat capacity of 5 people.

We assume that most folks will build their own group of 5 in order to fill the boat and keep the price per person down. We are, however, planning on allowing mixed groups for those who don't mind getting to know new faces and want to group together for cost savings.


HALF of the cost of this trip will go toward the restoration of the light station and is tax-deductible.

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