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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Will guests be dropped off and left totally alone at the lighthouse during their stay?
A:  There will be 2-3 staff present at all times at the light station during your stay.  Staff are there strictly to run our vital systems such as water, sewer, electricity, etc.  You, as a guest, will have full access to the lighthouse for your stay....the staff will not be chaperoning guests around the structure.  Our goal is to give our guests a very private stay while at the lighthouse.  Staff will also handle any emergency situations or questions/needs of our guests.

Q:  Are pets allowed at the lighthouse?
A:  Other than the natural "pets" found on station, NO....pets are not allowed.

Q:  Is there cell service at the lighthouse?
A:  Yes and no.  We have moderate cell service at the station.  Sometimes it is great and at other times it is nonexistent.

Q:  Can we swim at the lighthouse?
A:  If conditions are just right, we do allow swimming off the structure with a rescue boat in the water at all times.

Q:  Are we allowed to bring alcoholic beverages?
A:  Yes.  However, you will be required to sign a waiver that protects WSLHPS in the event you cause yourself or others harm.  Also, guests will be liable for any damage caused to the structure from rowdy behavior.  We recommend enjoying adult beverages in moderation and to be aware of your surroundings at all times.  There are endless stairs at the lighthouse that can be tricky to negotiate.  Should the light keepers decide things are getting out of control, the exterior portions of the light station will be locked down and become off limits for the remainder of your stay.

Q:  Will I experience a storm at the lighthouse?
A:  That is always a possibility.  However, the summer months in which we operate make it less likely.  In the event of a storm, we typically limit the exterior portions of the light station from exploration.

Q:  Is there a discount for groups?
A:  Yes.  If you have a group of 5, we offer a $1,500 discount on the 3-night stay.  There are no discounts for other group sizes.  Maximum occupancy is 5.

Q:  Are children allowed at the lighthouse?
A:  Minimum age is 12 years old

Q:  Are drones allowed at the lighthouse?
A:  Yes.  Please be aware however that we have had drones crash at the station in the past due to interference the metal of the structure causes the navigation system of the drone.  

Q:  Are meals provided during our stay?
A:  Guests are responsible for bringing and preparing their own meals and beverages.  We do have lightkeepers on staff that will wash your dishes and keep the kitchen in ship shape during your stay.

Q:  Are there bugs at the lighthouse?
A: Yes.  Depending on the season, you can expect to find midge flies, fish flies, biting flies, and spiders at the light station.  These pests are normally not an issue when there is a breeze at the lighthouse (90% of the time).  We do spray for spiders at the light station as they tend to congregate in large numbers during the summer months.  They are harmless, yet quite scary looking orbweaver "bridge" spiders...the same specie found on bridges and skyscrapers throughout the United States.

Q:  Can we fish off the lighthouse?
A:  Yes.  Feel free to bring a rod and tackle.  We do often catch fish at the station, but you may consider a net with a very long handle!

Q:  Are there areas of the lighthouse that are off limits to guests?
A:  Yes.  The basement deck is the only area of the lighthouse that is closed to guests (unless they are with a staff member).

Q:  Is there a shower for guests?
A:  Yes.  We currently have one shower on station located on deck 2.  Guests are welcome to use it any time of the day or night.

Q:  What are the bathroom facilities like at the lighthouse?
A:  We have one full bath on deck 2 and a half bath on deck 4.  These are similar to what you would find at home with full size toilets.



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