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2023 overnight Adventure packages

Sorry, we are completely booked for the 2023 season.  If we happen to have any cancellations, we will notify everyone via email.  Make sure to subscribe to our website to receive notification!

White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society will be opening to the public for a brief time in 2023.  We are designing this season's stays based on what we learned from our inaugural 2019 season.  There were things that worked well and things that didn't.  We have decided to increase time on the lighthouse to a minimum of three nights.  This is in response to feedback we received from 2019 guests and from boating logistics in the Straits of Mackinac.

If you are considering a stay at White Shoal, here are some things you will need to seriously consider:

What You Need To Know

There are two reasons we open White Shoal Light for public stays.  First, the structure is so amazing and so hard to access that we like to give folks an opportunity to see this one-of-a-kind marvel of 1908 engineering!  Second, and most important, we are using the funds raised from overnight stays to continue current and future maintenance and restoration work.  Our goal is to fully restore the light station to a 1950's vintage and offer an onsite museum dedicated to all things Great Lakes.  This is not an inexpensive endeavor.  In fact, we need roughly 2 million dollars to see the project through to completion....even then there will be constant ongoing maintenance required in the hostile Mackinac Straits environment.

By staying with us, you are helping support a historical structure restoration.  The work required is endless, but we are definitely up to the challenge!  We are located at the intersection of two shipping channels...the north lake channel and the infamous Gray's Reef Passage.  Storms, wind, and mountainous waves can whip up at a moments notice 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge where White Shoal is located.  There are also strong currents and wind patterns throughout the Straits.  A journey to White Shoal Light is not for the faint of heart.

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