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PHASE I: 2018–2021

  • Clean up and abate lead paint and asbestos found on the site

  • Full engineering evaluation

  • Rebuild crib access ladders

  • Install security and remote monitoring systems

  • Install permanent mooring buoy on site

  • Temporary re-work of heavy-lift davits

  • Cormorant control measures

  • Stabilize structure

  • Reliable transportation and access to light station

  • Launch tugboat Titan in St. Ignace, MI (her home port). Titan will transport machinery, supplies and personnel to and from the light station for all phases of construction.

  • Set up of temporary living quarters on site

  • Install new windows

  • Interior paint prep

  • Seal exterior and prep for new paint

  • Establish reliable power, water, and sewage storage systems onsite

  • New exterior paint

  • Begin limited day tours

PHASE II: 2022–2024

  • Fully restore heavy-lift davits

  • Remove steel deck covering and restoration of concrete crib structure beneath

  • Rebuild massive boat-house doors

  • Rebuild ornate cornice-work on boathouse level

  • Fabricate and Install missing decorative railings on parapet level

  • Replace 3 damaged glass panels in lantern room

  • Install new mechanical systems throughout tower

  • Integrate solar/wind generation systems for power and heat

  • Continue restoration of inside of structure

PHASE III: 2025 …

  • Finish all exterior restoration and continue with never-ending maintenance

  • Finish interior restoration and outfit rooms with vintage 1950s memorabilia

  • Open on-site Lake Michigan maritime museum

  • Open on-site gift shop

  • Full staffing of light station from Memorial Day to Labor Day

  • Day tours continue

  • Overnight bookings become available

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