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A question that we often receive:

Q: May we bring our own boat out to White Shoal Light for a tour?

A: Absolutely!  However, you will be responsible for any and all damage that may occur to your vessel upon docking against the crib structure.  You will need to have some substantial boat fenders in place and notify us in advance of your arrival so we can direct you on which side to tie off.  You will also need to sign a liability waiver (from our website) and submit it via email to us before anyone is allowed up onto the structure.  The fee is $30 per person for a 90-minute guided tour of the structure.  The tour fee will need to be paid in advance on our website.  All these options will become available on this website later this spring.  We are not offering any mooring balls this season or any dinghy transportation from your anchorage.  These may become available in future seasons.  For further information or to line up a visit, please contact Brent @ 989-205-0123.

Q: Can we show up at the light station unannounced?

A: Yes, you are welcome to come out to the light station any time day or night to take pictures. That does not necessarily mean you will be granted access to the structure. If we happen to be open for tours upon your arrival and we have a safe place for you to tie up, then we will lower you down a bucket. The bucket will contain the liability waiver was well as instructions on how to pay the $30 per person fee (obviously it will be easier to have this all pre-arranged). Once the waiver is signed and restoration fee has been paid, you and your guests will be invited onto the structure for the 90-minute guided tour.


We look forward to hosting you!

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