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So, you want to stay overnight in the tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes in the middle of the Straits of Mackinac...20 miles West of the Mackinac Bridge, 13 miles from the closest boat ramp, and 7 miles from the nearest shore (an uninhabited island)??


Ceil's Milky Way.jpg

How Much Does It Cost?


 $550 per person (all inclusive) for a 1-night stay* 

$250 per person (all inclusive) each additional night*

Maximum occupancy per night is 6 guests

(WSLHPS reserves the right to book up to 6 unrelated guests during your stay.  We have double occupancy and single occupancy rooms available)

*An overnight stay will give you approximately 24 hours at the light station

PRIVATE OVERNIGHT STAYS.....for singles or couples desiring more privacy, the cost is $700 per person (all inclusive) for the first have the entire lighthouse to yourself/s (a staff member will be present).  $350 per person each additional night.


Available 2020 Overnight Dates:

August...3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.

September...1, 2, 3

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Another change for 2020 is that we will not be offering any cash refunds!  If your overnight stay is canceled due to weather,  you will be offered a second night at the light station for free (combined with your first overnight).  If canceling for personal reasons, you will be offered a raincheck for a different overnight date for the current season or the 2021 season (based on availability).  We will honor all bookings indefinitely and will get you out to White Shoal Light one way or another!

 What are Accommodations Like?


It is important that our guests realize that White Shoal Light is currently in a state of restoration. If you are expecting a night at the Hilton, this is not for you!  We will have the interior of the structure cleaned up and free of any hazards. Guests will also be provided with private rooms and real beds.  All linens are also provided. There is running water, a real toilet, and hot shower at the light station.  We are also adding a second full bathroom on deck 5 as well as a 1/2 bath on deck 6 connected to our Sunset Suite (NEW for the 2020 SEASON)!  Electricity will be available at certain times of the day and all night. There is a fully-functional kitchen on site as well as a washer and dryer. There is cell reception, but it can be spotty at times. Another change for 2020 guests is that we will be providing all your meals during your stay.  We will be posting a weekly menu so you can see what will be served during your stay.  You are welcome to bring your own food if you do not like what is being served on our menu.


What you are buying is an EXPERIENCE!...the experience of staying overnight in a very remote light station that is a challenge on a good day just to get to. You are buying the 360-degree sunrises and sunsets. You are buying the chance to be caught out in a storm. You are buying some of the best stargazing opportunities money can buy. You are also buying the opportunity to unplug for a couple days and experience true solitude and isolation. And most importantly, you are partnering with us to help save this iconic structure!


If any of the above descriptions do not sound appealing, please do not apply to stay. 

Queen room.jpg

Our beautiful Sunset Suite on Deck 6

twin room.jpg

One of two amazing twin rooms on deck 5

Campfire at WSL.jpg
Moonlight Serenade.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Will guests be dropped off and left totally alone at the lighthouse during their stay?

A:  There will be 1-2 staff present at all times at the light station during your stay.  Staff are there strictly to run our vital systems such as water, sewer, electricity, etc.  You as a guest will have full access to the lighthouse for your stay....the staff will not be chaperoning guests around the structure.  Our goal is to give our guests a very private stay while at the lighthouse.  Staff will also handle any emergency situations or questions/needs of our guests.

Q:  For a 1-night stay, how long will we actually be on the light station?

A:  You can plan on roughly a 24-hour stay at the light station for a 1-night stay

Q:  Will there be electricity available at the light station?

A:  Electricity will be available at certain times during the day and most of the night.  It will also be available upon request.

Q:  Will there be work (noise) going on at the light station during our stay?

A:  Other than general maintenance, there will be no work going on during your stay.  As for noise, we do have a nearly silent generator that runs all night for electric needs.  We also have a large diesel generator that will kick on periodically during the day.  The large generator is used to recharge our water system.  You will not be subjected to long periods of noisy running generators.  Our goal is to keep it as peaceful as possible at the light station during guest stays.

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