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Double Occupancy


Thank you for your interest in the Deck 3 Queen Room!  Please note that the photo for this listing shows a view from the lantern deck.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have any pictures of the Deck 3 Queen Room because it has yet to be finished.  It will be brand new for 2023!  This room is roughly the same size as the room on Deck 6 and will have a large operable double-hung window with an amazing view to the northeast.  There are two additional unoccupied rooms on Deck 3.  Across the hall from you is the origial lighkeeper galley that is currently being used as our equipment and supply store room.  Adjacent to your room is the original lighkeeper radio room and lounge (currently also being used for storage).   You have an option of ascending to Deck 4 for the half bathroom located there OR descending to Deck 2 for the full bathroom.  Included in the Deck 3 Queen Room are the following:


- Two closets

- Nightstand & lamp

- Powerstrip with 120v outlets

- Luggage Rack

- Fan

- Hand-woven rugs

- Bath towels

- Hand towels

- Face cloths

- Small garbage can

- Battery-powered lantern

- Chair

August 25-28, Queen Room - Deck 3

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