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White Shoal Light Historical Preservation Society is excited to announce our unique membership programs.  We have custom-designed these programs to give our members some choice as to how they would like to be involved with our organization

We are offering three distinct membership tracks:

(click on each track to discover more)

- This membership program is designed for individuals who desire to be involved with the organization, but are not interested in accessing or not able to access the light station itself.

 - This membership program is designed for individuals who desire to have greater involvement with the organization and have access to the light well as leave a family legacy at the light.

- This membership program is the ultimate experience and includes our unique Earn Your Stripes program.  The Earn Your Stripes program is designed to give individuals varying degrees of access to the light station for themselves and family/friends….plus leave a legacy at the light station.  The ultimate goal in the Earn Your Stripes program is to attain the rank of Superintendent of Lighthouses (only 5 of these ranks can be offered at any given time).

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