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So, how does one go about earning their stripes?


The first step to earning stripes is to become a member of our organization (at any level).  After joining, there are many ways to work your way up the ranks.  Below is a list of just some of the ways of earning stripes:

  • Volunteer at Events

  • Volunteer at the Light Station

  • Keep your Membership Current

  • Volunteer to help with a fundraiser

  • Participate financially in fundraisers

  • Volunteer at Fort Bliss (debuts 2020)

  • Volunteer for Administrative Work

  • Close a Sponsorship Deal or acquire Private Funding for WSLHPS

  • Provide Transportation to and from the Light Station

  • Provide a Professional Service at no charge or reduced rate to WSLHPS

  • Donate Materials for Restoration

  • Broker a deal with a supplier

  • Design and manufacture a WSL-related product to sell in our gift shop & website

  • Promote White Shoal Light through the media

  • Grant write for White Shoal Light

  • Donate items on our NEED LIST

  • Be active on our Facebook Page

  • Become an historian for White Shoal Light

  • Create a White Shoal Light item for our annual Christmas Art Auction!

  • Be active with our organization

The Board of Directors will determine stripe awards/rank promotions at our December board meeting each year.  Insignia Patches will be sent to members for Christmas.  

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