So, how does one go about earning their stripes?


The first step to earning stripes is to become a member of our organization (at any level).  After joining, there are many ways to work your way up the ranks.  Below is a list of just some of the ways of earning stripes:

  • Volunteer at Events

  • Volunteer at the Light Station

  • Keep your Membership Current

  • Volunteer to help with a fundraiser

  • Participate financially in fundraisers

  • Volunteer at Fort Bliss (debuts 2020)

  • Volunteer for Administrative Work

  • Close a Sponsorship Deal or acquire Private Funding for WSLHPS

  • Provide Transportation to and from the Light Station

  • Provide a Professional Service at no charge or reduced rate to WSLHPS

  • Donate Materials for Restoration

  • Broker a deal with a supplier

  • Design and manufacture a WSL-related product to sell in our gift shop & website

  • Promote White Shoal Light through the media

  • Grant write for White Shoal Light

  • Donate items on our NEED LIST

  • Be active on our Facebook Page

  • Become an historian for White Shoal Light

  • Create a White Shoal Light item for our annual Christmas Art Auction!

  • Be active with our organization

The Board of Directors will determine stripe awards/rank promotions at our December board meeting each year.  Insignia Patches will be sent to members for Christmas.  


White Shoal Light is located 20 miles (32 km) west of the Mackinac Bridge in Lake Michigan. Coordinates: 45°50′32″N 85°8′7″W.


White Shoal Light Historical

Preservation Society

4066 Coors Drive

Traverse City, MI 49684

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