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Membership & EARN YOUR STRIPES Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Do I have to be a member of WSLHPS in order to participate in the EARN YOUR STRIPES program?

A:  Yes, you need to maintain the minimum level membership (Boathouse Level) in order to participate in the EARN YOUR STRIPES program.

Q:  How are stripes awarded in the EARN YOUR STRIPES program?

A:  Our Board of Directors will vote on stripe awards once a year at our December board meeting and new insignia patches will be sent out for Christmas.

Q:  Can a member earn more than one rank promotion per year?

A:  It is possible that the board of directors could promote someone a maximum of two ranks in any given year.  As an example, a member who performs exceptionally throughout the year could be promoted from 4th Assistant Keeper to 2nd Assistant Keeper.  

Q:  Can a member buy a rank promotion?

A:  The only opportunity to purchase a rank promotion is through our Lampist Membership Levels.  Even then, the highest rank you can possible buy is 3rd Assistant Keeper (by becoming a 2nd Order Lampist).  You would still need to EARN YOUR STRIPES from 3rd Assistant Keeper up to Superintendent of Lighthouses.  In designing this program, we wanted to make sure that no one could simply buy themselves up to the highest rank.  We want everyone to have a fair shot at attaining the ranks.

Q:  Are ranks transferrable?

A:  No, ranks are assigned to individuals and are not transferrable to other family members or friends.

Q:  Can a business or corporation participate in the EARN YOUR STRIPES program?

A:  No, ranks will be awarded to individuals only.  A business or corporation cannot be awarded a rank.  However, a member of the business or corporation can certainly participate in the program.

Q:  Why is there a limit of 5 on all the upper ranks?

A:  The limit is due to the benefits awarded.  We can only lease out so much free space per season and still remain in operation.

Q:  Is there a time limit for holding the upper ranks?

A:  Once a member achieves a rank, it is theirs for life.  We will encourage members in the upper ranks to voluntarily retire their rank after a few years in order to give others the opportunity to hold those ranks.  However, it will be up to the rank holder as to whether they are willing to retire.

Q:  What is the purpose of offering the EARN YOUR STRIPES program.  Aren't you establishing an exclusive club?

A:  When WSL is fully restored and open to guests for overnight stays, it will be one of the most unique destinations in the world!  With our very short season of operation, we anticipate  having a waiting list of people from around the world who want to book stays (we are already receiving requests).  White Shoal Light is going to cost a small fortune to restore and then to maintain.  That, coupled with logistics of having guests comfortably hosted on such a remote structure, will demand premium prices for overnight stays.  Unfortunately, this will make an overnight stay out of reach for many people.  This is exactly the reason we designed the Earn Your Stripes program….to be able to give passionate individuals a shot at earning free stays at WSL!  That doesn’t mean it is a giveaway….it will take lots of effort to earn your rank within the organization.  Keep in mind also that we can only give away so many free nights a season and still remain in operation.  Therefore, there will be a very limited number of the highest ranks available.  GET IN EARLY!

Q:  Are board members allowed to participate in the EARN YOUR STRIPES PROGRAM?

A:  Absolutely NOT.

Q:  Can I upgrade my membership at any time?

A:  Yes.  You can upgrade your membership at any time by paying the difference in membership levels.  Please contact us for further assistance.

Q:  Once I have achieved the highest rank I desire to attain, will I be required to keep paying an annual membership?

A:  Yes. However, you will only be required to keep the lowest membership level current (Boathouse Level)

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