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We have assembled an amazing team to help us prepare for this summer's tours at White Shoal Light and we appreciate all our Facebook fans for their generous support and donations toward our efforts. We are very excited to host many of you this summer!
Our current team has spent countless hours and much of their own money to help make the tours and overnight stays possible for everyone this summer and we will continue to work feverishly to be prepared for opening day!
We intend to make this our last big fundraiser of the year and we are calling it "Creature Comforts." Our goal is to raise $8,000 between now and the middle of June. These funds will help offset some of the costs of the many items already purchased for White Shoal as well as help us purchase the few remaining items needed. Most items (such as a refrigerator, shower, toilets, beds, washer, dryer, etc) will directly impact the comfort level of those staying and working at the light station.....hence the name.


Fill out the form below to donate!

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